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A Conversation with Craighton

Hello I'm Craighton. I'm a designer, creative director & illustrator based in Chicago.

As an illustrator, Craighton Berman has employed sketching as a form of visual communication, using the sketch as a language to offer an alternative perspective on the way we view things. He is a regular contributor to Core77, Dwell, Details, and Wired-providing insightful, often humorous, visual note-taking and commentary on contemporary design. He has participated in conferences, such as TEDxSanJose and Wired Business Conference, as a “visual recorder”, providing sketchnotes for lectures of a range of topics-from technology to the role of social media. His most recent feat is a rap video, entitled “Tour the States” for the Marbles Brain Store, exploring United States geography.

Craighton has been gracious enough to indulge my curiosities on his illustrative style and technique, while also providing insight to both his coffee intake and workout regime.


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Making Faces with Miller Goodman


Play’s the thing for Zoe Miller and David Goodman. The Brighton, England-based couple behind Miller Goodman, their multi-disciplinary creative brand, might be best known for their signature wooden block sets—FaceMaker, ShapeMaker, and PlayShapes—but seem to have hit their creative stride with Faces, a new title from Tate Publishing. It’s telling, perhaps, that they had as much fun putting the book together as they hope kids, and parents, have flipping through.

Faces completely re-imagines found objects, paintings, patterns, and prints. Each page displays a different visage constructed from materials sourced everywhere from the nearby British coast to endless internet searches to their own kitchen cabinets. They set up and photographed all of the individual “characters” in their home, adding an element from an Erector Set here or a bit of driftwood there until distinct personalities emerged, which were then tweaked and refined to a point where they “just felt right,” says Zoe.

Here, they chat about changing pace, describe the best way to get the most out of their new book, and wax rhapsodic about the merits of letting imaginations run wild.

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