It’s Karaoke Time

Kuchi Paku IRIIRI Dancing Animal Speakers

NEW Kuchi-Paku Dancing Animal Speakers from IDEA International x IRIIRI

Dance to the music with these happy animals! Kuchi-Paku means “lip-synch” in Japanese. Connect your iPhone or any MP3 player to the speaker and it starts singing and dancing to enjoy the music with you. Change the mode and it responds to external noises, mimicking you as you talk or sing. The IRIIRI series is a collaboration with a popular Japanese children’s storybook writer, illustrator, and doll maker. The animals are thoughtfully adorned with rich materials and a careful attention to every last stitch and button. The NEW French Bulldog, Rabbit, and Cat have been added to the Original Kuchi-Paku Animal Speakers Collection.

Retail: $100
3 AA Batteries Included.

Kuchi-Pak Dancing Animal Speakers IRIIRI

IRIIRIĀ is a Japanese artist and designer, working within the whimsical world of dolls. She attended Osaka University of the Art, where she studied Industrial Design. Upon graduation, she worked as a textile designer – an influence that is prevalent in the fabric selection that she currently works with. As a doll maker, her work is known internationally for its striking, meticulous detail and eternal charm.