Alexa Lixfeld
Alexa Lixfeld is a design studio, consultancy and production company in Hamburg, Germany. Set up in 2008, the studio engages in designing extraordinary items as much as in delivering them to the public. With its caleidoscopic portfolio ranging from concrete and porcelain tableware to cashmere products, children’s dolls and a fragrance collection, Alexa Lixfeld is deeply a project enterprise. We make work by its interest and appeal, not by its fitting a sales profile. The red thread in our production is our strife to help the impossible become real. We do not set out to simply dream up things exotic in their ways of making, but work to make them live. We take on building an economy of the special. Each of our productions is a non-industrial, non-standard, non-exploitative, individually approved good, and each of them we make reality ourselves. Doing so allows us to bring you goods that, in the integrity of the project, would not be viable the industrial way – or, in other words, would not exist.
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