The brand Korridor was launched in 2013 by the Danish architect Henrik Ilfeldt. In the classical Scandinavian design tradition, wood plays a big role in the Korridor line of products. Turned wood, painted wood, carved wood and the many other possibilities presented by wood is one big playground in the design world of Korridor. In the production, wooden pieces are glued together to eliminate waste. This feature gives each product a unique look and is a key issue in a sustainable production. The trademark product of Korridor is a series of Pyramid boxes that are made in hand-painted mdf with carved birch wood tops. The design derives from combining building architecture with a color range that can hardly be found in real buildings. The Pyramid boxes are very functional and the different sizes are perfect for organizing your desk or your dresser; everything from paper clips to coins to jewelry can be stored in a very stylish way.
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